Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smarty Plants

If you possess one of those newfangled smart phones you now have it made in the shade when you go to the greenhouse to get your garden going.

Formerly, when phones were dumb, we had to get out our readers, squint at the very small print on the plant label, then consult the armful of garden books  we had dragged along to the nursery to help us make informed choices on creating planter pots and borders perfect for our conditions. 

We own a lot of very muddy garden books.

No more of that silliness. 

Now you can let your fingers do the scanning and get masses of information in the blink of an eye.

Notice we said your, not our? Our flip-phone needs a little more higher education afore it can be smart like the other phones. In the meantime we'll keep the cheaters at hand and muddle along as we always have.


Georgiann said...

Nephew alert: seeing a huge Mother's Day gift opportunity here!
love, auntie g'ann

Tacitus2 said...

Darn. Even the plants are getting smarter than we are.