Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fifteen Minutes and Counting

Guess who has the exclusive on Pop Art tomato soup? 
Yes, that's right, Target and at just 75 cents a can.

And did you know Campbell's Condensed Soup has it's own facebook page? 
Yep, That's right, even soup is on facebook before we are.


Laural said...

And I still have to wait for next year for our Target!

next door Laura said...

Enjoy the anticipation!

Honeybee said...

Uh-oh, I didn't notice (in my haste to find these "limited edition" cans)that Campbell's did forgo (no sign of the tear off part of the label to give to the kiddos for school collection) their civic participation in to get in all the pertinent info about 50 years - The Art of Soup. "Pop Art is for everyone". I would hope Andy Warhol's estate (or Campbell's) is kicking back some of the dough they've made from chumps like me to the Labels for Education fund :>)