Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Buzz Around Town that neighborhood bees from The West Hill Honey Company need a kick start. 

Typically we wouldn't recommend that you disturb a hive, 
but after you read  The Story of a Blossoming Honey Business and learn how you can help a young entrepreneur succeed at growing her business through Kickstarter 
you will want to give those bees one swift figurative kick to help get things going.

Of course all of us West Hill gardeners feel invested in this venture just by virtue of the nectar our flowering plants produce and share with Natalie's bees, but how can we pass up the opportunity to be part of enabling  this industrious young beekeeper to get the equipment she needs for her pretty darn sweet 
and very local business to expand? 

Check out the fun appreciation gifts for each level of pledge. 

Tell all your friends about it too.

Act soon. The pledge period ends on September 20.


wynne said...

Thanks for your shout out to their Kickstarter campaign. I so want her to make it! the more who see it and share, the better chance she has, and the message of encouragement for such a worthwhile purpose would mean so much. I'm pledging again!

wynne said...

She made it!