Friday, September 7, 2012

Scenic Sewing

It is a pleasure to sit and stitch with doors and windows open to the 
sights and sounds of the forest and lake.

It is even more fun to be working with themed materials that fit perfectly with the work environment. These pillowcases are made with Woodland Friends fabric designed by Ellen Crimi-Trent  for Clothworks and will be used for guests staying in our new basement treehouse. Sounds crazy, but it's true.

This pattern from Kickass Country Store is similar to the one we use. Missouri Quilt Company has a  really good tutorial on YouTube that demonstrates the steps of the (at first) somewhat confusing process very well.


Blue said...

love makin the pillowcases.

Honeybee said...

Sorry they weren't ready pour moi :>)

wynne said...

I must learn to make these! Can we plan a sewing pillowcase class? I will make you jewelry, cook a dinner, or return things to stores for you.... Not my favorite skill!

next door Laura said...

You bet!