Monday, April 29, 2013

Sew Read

We've talked about Julie Paschkis in the past. She illustrates wonderful books. One book in particular is our favorite gift for new grannies smitten by their first grandchild.

Julie also designs fabric. Beautiful fabric.

Some of it recently came into our possession. Paypal get thee behind me.

Julie's newest book appeals to us in so many ways starting with cookies, and including cows, community spirit, as well as WPA and Grant Wood artwork influences. 


Mary Birrittella said...

Oh wow. Fabric is gorgeous.

Charlotte said...

I enjoyed the book(thank you) and love the fabric, but nothing compares to that little grandbaby of mine!!

Jerilynn said...

After organizing my fabric yesterday, I now have a whole bin just of JP fabric. Love her art style!!!!