Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where Have All the (Spring) Flowers Gone

We suspect that after being pent-up for so long they will bloom all in a rush 
and probably exactly while we are out-of-town.

Maybe we can savor at least the syringa vulgaris season a little longer with this lilac lattice quilt.

The large-print fabric was just too great to cut into little pieces.

Lilacs - historic, useful, and fragrant.

Lilacs enjoy a good pruning so feel free to bring a few into your house for your own enjoyment.

If you would like to add a few stems of a double, dark violet variety to your bouquet 
you are welcome to cut some of ours if you know where to look. 


Mary Birrittella said...

I wonder what is going to bloom when.

wynne said...

You know I will. My favorite flower and you have the best dark ones. Thanks for the invitation and I love the quilt.