Monday, May 6, 2013

At Home with an Event Planner

That was the theme for the Bachman's Spring Ideas House.

Garden party on the porch.

 Bursts of yellow in the living room.

Frog pond fountain in the fireplace.

Flower pot floor lamp.

Familiar and foreign floral arrangement.

Kitchen storage.

 Event planner workshop.

In the garden.

Ladies afternoon tea.

Summer family reunion.

 Audubon Society spring fling.

Master bedroom.

Girl's bedroom.

Birdy biffy.

Stairway scene.

Event planner's office.

The winter of 2012-13 seems to have taken a toll on the Ideas House. 
For the first time in many visits neither the garage or the backyard shed were decorated and the absence of outdoor flowers and greenery was notable.

But the temp hit 74, the jacket was shed, and the car windows were down as we drove away from a pleasant afternoon diversion in the city.

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