Friday, May 31, 2013

What Next, Scratch and Sniff Poutine Pennies?

We have family ties to Canada that cause us to have particularly warm feelings for the entire country, but there is so much to love about our big neighbor to the North, that we would certainly have a fondness for it even if it were not the home of several generations of our tribe.

However, the country does have some quirks. Over time, and from many visits during which we always try to help stimulate the economy  through recreational shopping, we have come to find that not only does this sparsely populated country have some loony names for their currency denominations, but they also have a higher than average number of news-grabbing issues involving their money. This first came to our attention when a certain commemorative quarter with a poppy image drew the attention of  U.S. intelligence agencies.

Then there was this news and the release of this innovative coin and then this hot news item.

Currently, perhaps because the Canadian mint has not been in the news enough lately, claims of maple scent added to their new plastic bills, which has been the talk of the nation since their release, has now grown to be an international rumor.

Usually NDL, does not involve herself in investigative journalism beyond the confines of the neighborhood, but as we are travelling there anyway to do some serious spoiling of our first great nephew, we will try to find out for you all if there is any truth to the assertion that the money in Canada smells like maple syrup. Of course it will be necessary to obtain a $100 bill, smell it at brunch with a side of Canadian bacon and perhaps a Bloody Caesar, cleanse our olfactory palate with a plate of poutine, and then spend said bill around town to help keep the loony on par with the U.S. dollar. But hey, we would do that and more for the sake of dispelling conspiracy theories that might leave a scent of impropriety lingering around those not so near, but very dear to us.

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