Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Wish

Could a person be any happier than this sweet child looks? It doesn't seem so.

This photo fell out of an old, presumed to be empty, scrapbook purchased at an estate sale. 

We don't know who she is.We don't know where she is.

But we know that she was the apple of someone's eye.

Someone who wanted to capture this sparkly little elf on film.

Someone who she loved back enough to give them this amazing smile.

Every time we look at this image we smile too, and think - we should be this happy. 
We have every reason to be.

So, here's the wish , which like most wishes may come true a little faster with a bit of effort on the part of the Wishee:

Be this happy.

At least sometimes let's overlook the wrinkles in our stockings or our faces.

Put our hands in our pockets and ignore the nip in the air. Or savor it.

Be glad someone loves us enough to give us a bad haircut.

Remember that we are very lucky to have a home, a neighborhood, our basic needs met.

Channel this little doll, or any other child or adult who inspires you to look at and appreciate the raw wonders of daily life. 

And even if it is just sometimes - be this happy.


Honeybee said...

You and your boys make me happy :>)

wynne said...

Thanks for this precious picture, and inspiring reminder about being happy and grateful. I'm so glad we're friends.