Tuesday, December 3, 2013

May We Suggest...

...another stop on your tour of garden centers?

Tangletown Gardens is a sight to behold in summer or winter.

It is especially nice on a warm or cold, bright, sunny day. 
Just look at that flaming red twig dogwood available for your holiday decorating needs!

And now, as if Tangletown alone is not enough of an attraction, there is, just across the street, 

the lovely Wise Acre Eatery.

Menus feature food from Tangletown Farm.

Shown here is the Shades of  Autumn salad.

Ummm...bacon steak.

It's like a giant lardon. A salade frisee lover's dream come true.

1 comment:

Laural said...

Looks like a great afternoon! And a salad that involves bacon steak is one I can get behind.....