Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mary's Chickens

So, you think you were cooped up over the winter?

Just imagine how these girls have  been feeling.

Fortunately they haven't let their situation keep them from being productive.


Looks like Mary will be all ready for an Easter Egg hunt without the help of a Paas kit this year. 

Henrietta here is guarding two pretty, cappuccino-colored eggs under her ample breast. 

Even though it is apparent that Charlie has built a hen house using the blueprints from Fort Knox, one can't be too careful with naughty raccoons, the West Hill fox, and  intrusive bloggers,on the prowl. 

We hear that hens lay better if their home is quaintly accessorized. 

Of course Mary would do that for them even if it weren't true. She's just thoughtful like that.

Keep up the good work ladies.

Our invitation to an omelette brunch depends on you!


Honeybee said...


Laural said...

Hope they stayed nice and warm and cozy all winter!

Shaundra said...

What a pretty blue egg! I don't think I knew that chickens could do that.

wynne said...

Are there enough to sell? One more coolest thing about our neighborhood!