Monday, February 8, 2010

Bright Pretty Things

A friend gave me this pretty basket that she crafted from fabric and clothesline. The technique is all the rage right now and people are making them for every purpose from fruit basket, to purse, to snake-charmer's cobra storage unit.

The book It's a Wrap shows you how.

Fitting in with the color scheme is another fun gift,
It All Changed in an Instant, a book of six-word memoirs from the Smith Magazine project of the same name. And...

...the beautiful palette is shared with this Ikea tray and bowls given to me by yet another thoughtful friend, and with my new breadbox (aka junk hiding box) from Target.

Together we can fight the soul-crushing forces of dark, long nights and short, drab winter days with the power of color, light, humor, and clever scandinavian design.

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