Friday, March 9, 2012

Sea Cruise

These pretty little ship's menus are from a long ago voyage Grandma made with her little boy to visit the relatives back in Bavaria. It looks like they traveled over in April 1927 and back in October of the same year. The cover images of ships at sea morning, noon, and night are lovely. The meal offerings provide an interesting look into 1920's international cuisine. (double click an image to enlarge and read) Whatever Rollmops are they are called the same in two languages.

Dad has one very vivid memory from this trip - He got to go to the ship's engine room and loved it so much he pestered his mother to take him repeatedly, which she did until on one visit grease dripped onto her fur collar. That was the end of the trips below deck, but just the start of Dad's long love affair with greasy engines.


Shaundra said...

Rollmops are DISGUSTING!! Wayne's dad used to eat them all the time. They are pickled herring rolled up into a disgusting squishy ball. Ugh, bad memories! Never ate one myself but watching them being eaten was bad enough. The menus are beautiful though, and the food options look pretty good with a couple of exceptions.

next door Laura said...

Ewww. Thank you for saving us from ever accidentally ordering or accepting that menu item if it is offered to us.

Let's remember to ask Grandpa if he remembers and/or likes them.

Georgiann said...

I beg to differ. They are NOT squishy balls. Rollmops are a herring fillet wrapped around a slice of dill pickle and pickled onion slivers. They appeal to a certain palate in small pieces on a cracker or small piece of bread - rye, perhaps. The worst thing about them in my opinion is the smell. They are in the refrigerated pickle section of my local grocery and I'll bet they are available in your town too, given the German population there. Bear in mind that Shaundra does not eat any fish or seafood.

Georgiann said...

I love those pretty little menus and the story of little Sunshine on the ship with his mother - and it is his earliest childhood memory!! It is even more special since we only discovered both the menus and the story fairly recently!!