Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who Do You Think You Are?

If you shake the family tree you'd better be prepared for a few bad, or at least slightly bruised, apples to fall off.

While seeking information for a recent post we found this intriguing and somewhat shocking story from a 1907 edition of the NY Times.

So many questions occur, and other than the one about palm reading patients, most of them have to do with Miss Wetmore's supporters, "the fifteen nurses many of whom were fresh-cheeked Canadian girls". Well what about the rest of them? Not so fresh-cheeked? Able to bamboozle Miss Wetmore and the Board of Trustees? Perhaps Miss Wetmore doth protest too much about the need for having "The Flirt Rule" on the books. Hmmm...

Miss Wetmore we presume. (Or as we presume to imagine her.)

Image: The Graphics Fairy

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