Monday, March 19, 2012

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Focus issues aside...on the next to the last day of winter three loads of laundry on the line dried in a flash in the balmy 80°F heat that also made the next door maple burst out in plump red buds.

Records for historic high temps are being broken on a daily basis. Short shorts have been sighted. Picnickers have emptied the bakery racks of buns. Birds and backyard wildlife are going crazy. Windows are open. Fans are running.

It's amazing!

What have you seen this March that you have never seen so early before?


Georgiann said...

This March western Canada residents are envious of our eastern friends and relatives who are normally envying us. We are huddling in our parkas and snow boots to survive freezing temps and snow flurries, even in Vancouver - no short shorts here!!?

wynne said...

Ants in my kitchen, front yard raked ,tulips by the lilacs,
Winter junk cleaned out of my car, honey bees happily full of pollen in the West Hill Garden, and my toenails are polished and ready for summer! Love it!

Georgiann said...

Just to make sure you know how lucky you are: today out west we have gale force winds followed by torrential rain!! The crocus buds are shivering! Head west young spring, head west!!!

Charlotte said...

wacky and warm back home in Indiana! All the fruit trees are in full bloom....pray we don't get a hard frost or the farmers are in big trouble. I like spring-not this instant summer. Hottest spring since 1935- we have tied or exceeded all records set for these weeks in March!