Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Before Hipstamatic...

We frequently took wonky, overexposed photos with artistic appeal all on our own, 
and usually quite by accident.

When we first saw this vintage shot taken by Dad we thought his faithful lawn tractor, Major Hoople, was the intended subject of the photograph, and that it managed to end up way off-center. Closer inspection and a bit of magnification shows us what probably made Dad stop mid-mow and run to grab his camera. 
Can you spy them?

Even though it is likely the deer out in the field were supposed to be the reason for the photo
we are glad the Major made it into the picture if only partially.

This image makes us smile every time we see it.

After Dad's recent move to the city from the country Major Hoople had to find a new home. He made a nearly 600 mile trip by trailer to WI, and is snugly bedded down for the winter in our garage where we see his shining cyclops headlight every time we return home and hit the button on the garage door opener. 
The Major is a pretty big memento to keep, but we couldn't let him go to a home where he might not be understood and appreciated. Better he is put out to pasture with those who love him. Dad felt better about letting him go knowing he would stay in the family and we are happy to have him.

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