Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Town

For your weekend (or of course anytime) viewing, an hour of  life in 1954 Chippewa Falls.

While some of our native-to-this-city neighbors were riding around town on their bicycles and swimming in Glen Loch their parents, and uncles and aunts were off working in the businesses and industries of this bustling burg. When not contributing to the vibrant economic health of our town they made use of the many recreational opportunities available to them at the numerous parks and lakes in our area.

This 1954 Carson production promoting Chippewa Falls features Sally Ann Bakery, Chippewa and Mason shoe factories, Leinenkugels brewery, Chippewa Woolen Mill, plastics and pea canning operations, Olesen Drug Store, Falls and Rivoli theaters, Hotel Northern, 1st National Bank as well as recreation at Irvine Park, Marshall Playground, and Lake Wissota. The Carnegie Library, schools, the hospital, and other community buildings are also represented.

If you are really short on time (although we would encourage you to watch the entire film when you can), jump to the last ten minutes of the film to see one of our existing businesses - Leinenkugel's Brewery, a well known (if you know her maiden name) resident demonstrating gymnastics, and a lovely summation about the heart and soul of the citizens of Chippewa Falls that makes our town great. True then and true now.

Let us know if you spot yourself or others we might or should know in these fascinating vignettes of mid-century Chippewa Falls life. 


Honeybee said...

Where the heck did you find this?!!

next door Laura said...

Hot tip from someone who had seen it and knows the, we assume former, gymnast.

next door Laura said...

Can you (collectively) ID any of those swimsuitted teachers? How about that lifesaving technique?! and that street dance!? And the (too many amazing things to name)...?!