Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whooo Will Take Us Home?

When the thrift store has an entire shelf of a certain kind of collection, it causes us to pause 
and think about the story behind the donation.

 Common displays of mass tchotchke are often in categories such as bells, souvenir teaspoons, state plates, teacups, trinket boxes, owls, turtles or other animal figurines, and of course salt and pepper sets.

Who collected them and why did they stop? 
Vintage items suggest that the owner has passed on and there was no heir interested in keeping their curio collection. A rainbow unicorn assemblage makes us smile and think that an adolescent has moved to young adulthood and did not have a younger sibling, or at least not one of the gender who appreciates puppies, kittens, ballerinas, and fantastic animals enough to inherit big sis' stash of bric-a-brac.

With respect we select and adopt as many orphans as we can sneak into the house.

Hoping of course that someday someone will cherish our little treasures too.

How could they not?


Blue said...

So fun. Glad to keep looking for collectables.....

Honeybee said...

You're a smarter collector than I am. My boulder collection is harder to display... but much easier to return (or, roll back) to the place from whence they all came!

Jaime...My Love said...

I love the outhouse shakers, so kitsch!

Charlotte said...

Saw the "Michigan" version of the Ma and Pa outhouses this weekend in TC...true story- Jack and Lois had a set!