Friday, April 11, 2014

Rogues' Gallery

The Frigidaire Gang. They're a shady lot. We suspect they are guilty of all sorts of crimes and misdemeanors.

But perhaps that is because of some unfair profiling on our part.

Could it be the mustache? It seems to make anyone sporting it look like they are up to something.

Our littlest suspect. Just one year old today. 

Guilty of rendering grownups mute or turning them into babbling idiots solely by being totally too cute for words.

Next up. The little sister. Need we say more?

And her sidekick. 

Together they possess combinations of sibling superpowers able to drive otherwise sane and rational parents to the city limits of Crazytown. 

That is of course on the rare occasions when they are not being  model citizens.

And finally, the fun-uncle-in-training. No actual infractions of the law yet, but we're keeping an eye on him. 
Don't let the disarming smile behind the stache fool you. 
He is already scheming, and practicing the art of getting-little-beings-to-adore-him-even-though-they-don't-really-know-why-they-do on his roommates' pets, and small woodland creatures that have no sense.

We suspect bacon has a lot to do with it.

Take away the facial hair and it is a very normal assemblage.

So who is real criminal here? Could it be NDL herself for the crime of messing with photos (there is precedent - see above teething ring mischief that we had nothing to do with officer) and acquiring the accoutrements of hipster culture? 

Guilty as charged. Highly entertained. And not one bit sorry.


Laural said...

Cute! Love them.

Laural said...

Also, I like the picture of the fridge on the fridge. Very meta. I hope you keep it up with a picture of the fridge with a picture of the fridge, etc.

Shaundra said...

Ha ha ha....hilarious! However I think I am well beyond the city limits at this point and am living in a condo downtown. What's this about an uncle in training???

next door Laura said...

It takes a very lengthy training program to achieve being the fun uncle.

We're thinking it is more of a personality type than a biological status anyway. No real nieces or nephews required.