Monday, April 21, 2014

Eternal Soap

Part two of the "You can't Take it with You" series.

All the wonderful fragrant gift soaps that have been tucked into dresser drawers making our unmentionables smell like...goats? eggs? seaweed? and well, roses and lavender too, need to be used NOW. 

In the past our occasional attempts to use fancy bars in the bathroom shared with the four males in this household resulted without fail, in a nicely scented glob of  sudsy goo stuck to the bottom of the tub, where it had fallen and was left to do what sodden soap does. 

No more! It's out of the closet and into the shower for this collection. You won't be finding these at the estate sale. And that goes for the hotel soap stash too. 

To aid us in our mission we would appreciate your only commenting when we smell fresh as a flower and holding your tongue, and your nose if necessary, should any farmyard odors be detected  wafting around our personal airspace. 

Thank you very much.

1 comment:

Honeybee said...

A suggestion as to how to share your lovely stash: The Food Pantry @ 1st Pres (or any other such effort) would welcome some of those more "pedestrian" hotel soaps if you think you'll never use them all up.