Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Getting Loopy

You might think it is right up there with other questionably valuable pursuits such as underwater basket weaving, but hot pad making is the perfect activity for those of us blessed with both a short attention span, and a compulsion to multitask. We can  turn out one hot pad per Big Bang Theory or Parks and Recreation episode, no sweat.

And, they are the best hot pads AKA potholders ever!

Even better, it is a frustration free experience with these wonderful, all exactly the right size, loops from Harrisville Designs.

And how about those colors?! No one is going to lose these babies in the jumble of the towel drawer.

Since we just can't stop and have built up a surplus we are now taking orders. But if you want to skip the labor charge come on over on Thursday night for some TV and make your own. Offer also available during The Voice, Parenthood, or anything on Masterpiece Theater. 

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