Monday, November 22, 2010


We are not true basketball fans. There is not much suspense when seven foot tall men who barely have to stretch to reach the basket are playing the game. They are going to score. Alot. High school and college hoops are much more entertaining, but we don't often turn up at the gym or turn on the TV to watch that either. Typically our only tribute to our Indiana roots and its tradition of excellently played basketball is our annual screening, usually around March Madness time, of Hoosiers, the best basketball movie ever. However, a recent incident of a muffed congratulatory handshake at the freethrow line during an NBA game caught our attention after it became big sports page news.

And the video spoof of the incident drew us even further into the half court drama.



Scotty Monroe said...

Silly? Hardly...As the blog's resident sports fan, I feel I must comment. The importance of the free throw high five cannot be understated. It builds team chemistry, shooter confidence, and just improves player happiness. This, however, is hardly the first time free throw high five hi-jinx has occurred. I submit to evidence this video featuring Andrew Bogut high fiving HIMSELF after his teammates failed to satisy his high five needs:
Andrew Bogut

I also submit to evidence this video showcasing Adam Morrison's "high five ninja" abilities:
Adam Morrison

As you can clearly see, whether 7 foot or not, we all enjoy a little human contact at the free throw line. Back to you, NDL.

next door Laura said...

Hold on Scotty! We were only commenting on the mini-mockumentary not the sacred traditon of the high five itself. Wait a minute...are you telling us that was a real documentary on high five culture? Our apologies. We mistakenly thought it was tongue in cheek.

Thanks for checking in and nice links by the way.

Jessica said...

love it!

Laural said...

Love it. I think I'm going to start high fiving myself when I think I deserve it!

Shaundra said...

ha ha!