Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Call

There will be no more weekend outings to apple country. All the sheds are now closed for the season. Fortunately the frig is loaded with local apples to get us through at least early winter before we have to buy those pretend apples from the other side of the world.

Here is information from Iowa State University Extension on storing apples.

Farm fresh is best!


wynne said...

How long do they last in the fridge? I'm going to get some more and see for myself. Good idea ndl!

Mary B. said...

Oh. I love this post. I will send it to my Dad. He will love it too. I love apples. I am an apple Hoarder. There are several bushels in the garage. Some in a cooler. Some just exposed to the elements of our Garage. Two pecks in the ice box. One Honey Gold and One Regent. I do have a bushel of Haralson if someone did not get any this year. I could share one or two. I love apples.

Honeybee said...

To Mary B - written like a true daughter of the orchard. Can't think of a more perfect environment in which to grow up! Living in town I had an apple tree treehouse and thought I was the luckiest kid on the block. Every fall, when we mowed the lawn, we had applesauce (which NDL's boys would term "yucky surprise").

Linda said...

Thanks! Excellent reference, but I have to correct the source - the Extension information comes from Iowa's Land Grant Institution, Iowa STATE University, Ames Iowa. (Not that other university in Iowa City.)

next door Laura said...

How embarassing! My apologies.

Go Cyclones!