Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall Free for All

We town dwellers don't have many options for forest foraging, but we do have the leaf dump.

In the hope that we might pick up some fresh floral design components we try always to have a hand pruner along when we deliver a trailerful of leaves to the pile.

On a good day there will be a nice variety of freshly clipped trimmings from common shrubberies. Sometimes we get really lucky and score more exotic greenery. In the past we have found all types of evergreens, cedar, juniper, dried hydrangea blossoms, bittersweet, red twig dogwood, birch branches, ornamental kale, asparagus fern, crabapples, rosehips, and other free flora for our outdoor holiday decor.

This kind of refuse is not too far outside the municipal yard waste guidelines and definitely closer to correct than the old tire, artificial wreath, and scrap lumber we saw on the pile the same day. Plus, it made us smile.

Scavenge while you can. The gates will soon be closed until next Spring.

1 comment:

tiogatime said...

what a great idea, laura! you are so clever! unfortunately, i read this too late to do it here in duluth. can you remind me next year?!?