Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home Improvements

A great old house down the street had, over the years and for various reasons become a crumbling eyesore. Strategizing by many individuals, cooperation between numerous organizations, and a little stimulus money thrown in led to a plan to demolish the house and build a new one. You can read more about the history of the original house and of the collaborative effort of all these good folks and agencies here.

For the past several weeks students from the Chippewa Valley Technical College have been on-site three days a week making quick progress on the new home. It is fun to see the project up close from the sidewalk below - and looking up from even farther down the hill gives another perspective of the structure as it grows into the hillside landscape and skyscape above.

Thanks to all involved for making this happen. Can we build it? Yes we can!


Mary B. said...

I noticed that driving up to your house the other day. What a huge improvement. Looks like you will be getting "new neighbors" soon.

wynne said...

I think it's still for sale too!