Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gnomes in Love

Thanks to a hot tip from a faithful reader we were alerted to this animation creation that is sure to be a cinematic classic and highlight of our 2011 theatergoing experience.

Elton John tunes, Emily Blunt, Patrick Stewart, Gnomes doing Shakespeare, 3D. Bonanza!

Look at this great cast of voices:

Jason Statham ... Tybalt
Emily Blunt ... Juliet
James McAvoy ... Gnomeo
Michael Caine ... Lord Redbrick
Maggie Smith ... Lady Bluebury
Patrick Stewart ... William Shakespeare
Jim Cummings
Ashley Jensen ... Nanette
Julie Walters ... Lady Montague
Hulk Hogan
Dolly Parton
Matt Lucas ... Benny
Stephen Merchant ... Paris
Ozzy Osbourne
Richard Wilson ... Lord Capulet

We are so there, and already planning to purchase the DVD for a backyard viewing next summer. It will be cheaper than buying tickets, even at kids' admission price, and concessions for all our little bearded buddies. You should see them go through the popcorn, Jujubes - and kleenex! They're a very sensitive lot, they are. Especially if the producers stick to Mr. Shakespeare's originally plotted fate of the young lovers. Perhaps just this once we could have a happy ending...?

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