Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Disaster is His Middle Name

Photos of our family's milestone events, routine annual celebrations, and day-to-day life are very rare, but our albums are overflowing with scenes of mayhem and disaster. Our dad was an amateur radio operator (ham), which leads us to believe that that is why he seemed to, before almost anyone else, get wind of any catastrophic thing that happened in the tri-state area and rush to the scene, camera swinging around his neck. People laugh when we tell them this, but here is the evidence.

A Christmastime fire made for some great photography.

Our reporter was there for this possible copycat crime.

A typical Indiana ice storm may have led to...

this series of photogenic overturned trucks carrying...

milk cans,

piggy banks(?),


and to an airplane crash caused by the pilot gawking at the big-rig carnage below.

All in a day's work ma'am.


Laural said...

These are great photos - I've never heard that story before! Thanks!

Honeybee said...

George was photo-blogging and didn't even know it! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, by the way.

Shaundra said...

Wow, those photos are really interesting. Good idea to share and digitally archive for posterity!