Saturday, January 8, 2011

Johnny on the Spot

The first seed catalog has arrived and it is Johnny's Selected Seeds from Winslow, Maine. This fine company has an attractive catalog full of thoughtfully chosen plant varieties and gardening equipment, really good growing information and tips, and reliable service.

We know many real gardeners may have already received loads of catalogs in their mailboxes, but we are happy with just a few to get the garden fever started. As you know we leave seed-starting to the Garden Guru and a few other trusted professionals. Seeds are so little, and they stick to our fingers, and we can't see them without glasses, and they tend to mold or dry up in our care, and we're never sure of how to thin them,'s just not our deal.

Our deal is hinting, begging, whining, flattering, pointing out our tendency to unintentionally euthanize helpless little sprouts and others' proficiency at being plant masters - all while serving refreshing beverages of the kind that put one in a good mood - and hoping someone once again takes pity on our sad self, starts some plants for us and doesn't leave them in our care until they are old enough to pretty much fend for themselves.

Pretty please?

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