Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hot or Not?

Every four years the outcome of the November presidential election is said to be quite accurately predicted by tracking October sales of candidate Halloween masks.

A lesser known, annual indicator of what's hot is the post-new year's day clearance calendar section inventory. In other words, what's still sitting on the shelf even at 50% off. Let's check it out, shall we?

Barack (67%) Hot. Michelle Not.

Believing in ourselves Hot. Believing in optical illusions Not.

Insight from a grinning Dalai Lama Hot. Not sweating the small stuff Not.

Trains (except with Scott Walker) Hot. Tractors Not.

Mama Grizzly (WTF?) Hot. Heartthrob Not.

What is Soduku Alex? Hot. Jeopardy Not.

Great Excuses Hot. Doodle-A-Day (Hello! What are page margins for?) Not.

Foodie Fight (If you're a reality show cook) Hot. Joy of Cooking (If you're a real cook you own the book) Not.

Dogs (All gone to good homes) Hot. Cats, cats, cats, Not.

Betty White (after senior citizen acting career second wind - maybe on SNL still Hot, but on our kitchen walls) Not.

1 comment:

Georgiann said...

Made me laugh out loud! Great trend indicator!