Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crazy Nine-Patch

Continuing to try to use up a very large stash of previously purchased fabric we pulled out this combo bought when we were enamoured with a certain tote bag pattern and must have thought we were going to make a million of them. Well that didn't happen. Let's try this instead from Oh,Fransson.

We weren't sure, but were hoping the blog name was inspired by one of our very favorite movies, Sweetland.
Oops. Guess not. Here is a Q and A from the Oh,Fransson blog FAQ.

Who is this Fransson? Mrs. Fransson was a neighbor to the Nyman family in Astrid Lindgren's The Children on Troublemaker Street. At one point in the book, the five-year-old protagonist, Lotta, has taken to using Mrs. Fransson's name as an exclamation, as in "Oh, Fransson how I have to slave!". My sisters and I read the book a lot as children and have always repeated that line in reference to having a lot of work to do.

But anyway...if you haven't seen Sweetland, do. The character played by Alan Cumming is Frandsen.

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