Monday, February 18, 2013

Chippewa County Critters 911

Something odd was going on in the animal kingdom the first week of February.

We are used to this kind of report. 
This is Wisconsin. We have cows. One occasionally gets out and stupidly stands in the road. 
Someone has to tell them to move along or they will hang around all day enjoying the scenery.

This kind of call to the authorities is a little less common, but again, this is Wisconsin, 
we have raccoons, and they sometimes wander where they are not welcome, 
but we have to wonder...if there is a raccoon in a nursing home is the descriptor "stray" really necessary? 

A stray dog in your yard, yes. It is not your dog. It is has strayed from its own yard. 
But unless the nursing home has a pet raccoon and then discovers another raccoon has entered the building pretty much any raccoon on the premises is stray and does not need to be identified as such.

Here's a head-scratcher. 
So many questions occur that we don't even know which one to pose first,
but we are dying to know how it all turned out. 
And of course we are hoping upon hope that the animal three-feet long turned out to be a mongoose.

Rest of the story anyone?


Joanna K. Dane said...

Remember when we had the stray raccoon in our garage and the police came and got him with a half dozen kids under five watching? I don't think we made the paper. . .

next door Laura said...

I remember that we were NOT home and I was sick to hear that we had missed such an exciting event in the neighborhood. They are rare you know.

I later read a letter to the editor of the Herald Smellogram from a very upset mother who, along with her children, witnessed a cop bonk a weird acting raccoon on the head with a shovel until it expired. Seems we no longer have money in the city budget for an animal control officer and the police cannot discharge firearms in the city without better reason than to take out a crazed critter.
Perhaps he should have suggested they look away.