Monday, February 25, 2013

Sewing Susan - Always in Vogue

Susan and pals looking stylish in the '40s.

And in the '60s.

How many differences can you spot?


Tacitus2 said...

In the 60's it was modern art on the wall, much more eyebrow pencil, and of course they were all zipped up on housewife amphetamine weight loss pills. The gal in the lower right in particular seems to have lost interest in sewing altogether and is just grooving to the rhythm of the cosmic squirrels.


Honeybee said...

I propose we pose for an updated photo. Wouldn't that be a classic?! I volunteer to be the groovin', cosmic squirrel-trippin' lady in the lower right.

next door Laura said...

Great idea HB. Then maybe you could use it for your profile photo. Your current one is a bit disturbing. What's the deal with that? Representing how you smile through it all? Deflated, but still bearing up?

Honeybee said...

What's the matter with my "don't want to appear too close to perfect" image, anyway?!