Friday, February 8, 2013

Video Valentine

We aren't really up on the current music scene, but with the help of others we sometimes happen upon little ditties that capture our fancy. Found at magpie & cake this version of You and I by the New Zealand folk rock band Avalanche City is a pretty much perfect audiovisual valentine with a crafty element to boot.

The lyrics are so sweet. Each stanza could be a valentine in itself.

But as the women at magpie & cake point out, the highlighted sentiment in the fourth stanza
would win the heart of any fabriholic. It did ours.

If you had an empty suitcase
I'd help you to pack it tight
And if you were afraid of darkness
Well I would stay till it was light

If you were a super model
I would help you lift your bags
I'd push those paparazzi over
So you could get inside your cab

If you found your toothpaste empty
I would squeeze out just a little more
If you had the sweetest victory
I'd high five you till our hands were sore

If you were scared and worried
I would keep you safe and sound
If you were addicted to fabric
You could fill a whole room in our house

If we climbed the highest tree top
And you said you couldn't climb back down
I would build the finest tree house
For our new life above the ground

And when you smile at me so sweetly
I love what happens in your eyes
When they open up to me my darling
Its all I need and its so right

Oh I have got a thousand reasons
For you to come away with me
The more I look the better you seem
And I hope that in your heart you see

Cause I believe that you are all I want
Cause I believe that you and I belong
 and, I belong. 

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Charlotte said...

That is the sweetest song ever!