Friday, February 1, 2013

Paintbrush to Pastrybrush

They Draw and Cook is fun, fun, fun. At this wonderful website illustrators use their unique styles to give recipes visual flair alongside, swirling around, or in place of the instructions. The site is great for grownup cooks, but if we had little ones around we would be printing these colorful pages off all the time for 
kitchen capers with the kiddos. 

Searching the recipe collection by ingredient we found 59 different beautiful and tasty choices for beans.

 Here are just a few to show you the variety of illustration and cooking that you may find 
at They Draw and Cook:

Rootin' Tootin' Beans<span class='title_artist'> by Pierre Lamielle</span>

Rootin' Tootin' Beans by Pierre Lamielle

No-meatballs<span class='title_artist'> by Jennifer Bell</span>

No-meatballs by Jennifer Bell

Kick Start Calico Bean Salad<span class='title_artist'> by Anne Mitchell</span>

Kick Start Calico Bean Salad by Anne Mitchell

Israeli Thick Lentil Soup<span class='title_artist'> by Karl Fekete</span>

Israeli Thick Lentil Soup by Karl Fekete

Seven Layer Dip<span class='title_artist'> by Adrienne Saldivar</span>

Seven Layer Dip by Adrienne Saldivar

Butter Beans with Mint<span class='title_artist'> by Salli Swindell</span>

Butter Beans with Mint by Salli Swindell

The creative brother-sister team of Nate and Salli host They Draw and Cook and are the figureheads of 
the Dial-a-Dinner option. Go ahead. Give it a spin!

Check out the beverages too. Its clever illustration may tempt you to try this one.

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Blue said...

Wow. That is one fun site. Beautiful drawings. I would love beautiful recipes on beautiful cards. Good idea.