Monday, February 4, 2013

Legend or Just a Yarn?

Our first dog, Bezoar, who was aptly named even before the quality of her adult coat was apparent, was so fluffy - How fluffy was she? - that we saved her fur after brushing and had a friend spin some yarn for us.

Here is what is leftover from knitting two stocking hats of the wonderfully soft fiber 25 years ago. 

While knitting with this sumptuous yarn more than one person thought we were working with angora.

The hats were good-looking and whether it was true or not we always joked that if worn in the rain,
the wearer was taking the risk of smelling like a wet dog.


Honeybee said...

One of the best, carrot eating, lovable pooches ever!

Jerilynn said...

Thanks for the Monday morning good memory! Jeri