Monday, June 30, 2014


Here's a breath of fresh air in the Lindbergh Terminal, F concourse restrooms.  

Spotting this mosaic by reclaimed materials artist Michael Sweere provided a nice distraction from the travel frustrations du jour.

Under a shades-of-pale-blue tile sky...

porcelain plates become billowy clouds.

The clouds cast a dark tile shadow across sunlit, lighter tile, Midwestern fields, forests, and lakes.

And in the lav? A cleverly designed aviation-appropriate drain detail.

Guess what happens when you take a photo under a motion sensor water faucet?

Yup. Clean camera. Bad words. 

And another use for the amazing Dyson Airblade.


Honeybee said...

Hmmmm, I'm starting to worry about you....

next door Laura said...

Now you start?

wynne said...

I look forward to seeing this in person. Mosaics are on my bucket list. Love it Laura!

Shaundra said...

Love it! Although the drain is cute, I am much more impressed by the mosaic.