Sunday, June 15, 2014

Barrows on Parade

We hardly ever use photos that aren't our own. But we borrowed these because we really wanted you to see this whimsical sight that we saw at Heathrow as we ran from a shuttle, that brought us from a plane, to a bus that would take us to a train, that would take us to a taxi, that would take us to the starting point of our Adventure in Cornwall.

It was very tempting to stop and gawk, but for once we disregarded our impulse and kept to the plan. Good thing too! The bus came right on time just minutes after we figured out which was the correct stop for our destination. Missing it would have totally thrown off our carefully timed all day planes, trains and automobiles journey.

A wonderful use of the internet is looking things up after you see or experience them.

For those of you wondering what the multi-coloured Heathrow wheelbarrows are all about.  #gardening #art #london

Creating blog posts is a great way to review, learn more about, and document events, people, places and quizzical things briefly encountered.  

Voila! More photos and a bit of explanation of this colorful installation here.

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