Thursday, June 26, 2014

Regal Rhodies

How could we not take time out from our Day 4 walk to enter the gardens of Caerhays Castle at the peak of the rhododendron bloom?

The flowers were practically begging us to enter.

Flowers, so many flowers. So many photos of flowers.

Garden gift shops are the best and not at all  tempting what with customs and carry-on regulations as they are.

Where there were not forests of rhodies there were seas of wild garlic and bluebells.

Rhody's kissing cousins azalea were there too.

Someone who saw this photo thought the British were so formal that they had named this specific plant Lady Alice Fitzwilliam
No, not just her, but all of her kind.

The castle had rhododendron ...

in shapes and colors we didn't imagine possible.

The foliage of this azalea was a surprise too.

Magnolia month was winding down, but we caught its tail end.

At the height of the garden we could see across the castle lake to the sea and coastal path beyond.

Which reminded us that we had many more hours of walking ahead after our lovely interlude in an enchanted garden.

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