Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 3 Surf and Turf

Another beautiful day in Cornwall. 
This one started with a ferry from St. Mawes across the Percuel River to the beginning of the path.

Being land lubbers we don't know nuthin' about tides, spring tides in particular. So we dawdled our way down to the docks and almost missed the last ferry before a very low tide which would have made it impossible to pull up to this slippery landing.

Back on the coastal path we passed through an ancient church yard.

Past some picturesque bee boxes.

And across another pasture where we cut a wide berth around Elsie and friends.

From the field we could see where we had come from the day before. That is Falmouth in the distance.

On the next point there was a lighthouse and a bird hide. And more cliffs and beaches of course.

 The plant in the foreground is the ubiquitous to Cornish crags sea thrift. Many of us try to grow it here with little luck. Which doesn't keep us from buying and trying it again and again. 

Eyes and feet on the path please.

It is a good idea to stop completely before taking in the scenery and taking photos of it. We were told that they lose about one tourist a week during the high season in Cornwall. Apparently youth, cliffs, high tides and alcohol are especially bad combinations.

We lost the path at one point, but got to see about a half mile of this interesting stacked slate wall as we backtracked to our route.

Our target for lunch was a small snack shack on a beach. But which beach? There was one around every point. 

Finally we rounded a bend and found The Hidden Hut. If only we had remembered the name, we wouldn't have wondered why it was so hard to find. We had the most delicious lamb curry, and onion and cheese Cornish pasty ever washed down with elder flower bubbly, and a good old Coca Cola.

Then back to the path with new energy and on to Jago Cottage and an evening adventure.

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