Monday, June 23, 2014

Floral Notes with Undertones of Black Ant

We try so hard not to pick a wine for its label....but sometimes we just cannot resist the power of a beautiful design. And generally when it comes to good design, if there is personal, sentimental meaning to it, whatever it is, a minimum of three, of whatever it is seem to end up in the shopping cart. Add a clearance price tag and the number could easily double. Twice the bargain, right?

So, wine with a wonderful heritage peony on the front. At Target. On sale. Just when we are wishing for the peonies to pop open. 'Nuff said.

And it was good. 

Very little information is out there about Heirbloom. This seems to be the only wine they produce. Mysterious, but not a deal breaker. It has a good rating, and it makes a perfect vase for a few heritage peonies that could have been models for the featured bloom.

And did we say that it was good?

Strolling alleys on the West Hill you will see this old fashioned, highly scented peony variety over many back fences. There is a long tradition of plant sharing between neighbors. Peonies come from gardens across allies which probably came from gardens across the streets in front of those houses. Plants that probably originated on family farms hopscotch from block to block all over town. 

These very traditional, probably French in origin, pink peonies came from Milly across the street. Another deep red variety was passed on by a neighbor whose back wouldn't allow her to garden anymore, and the magenta doubles along the alley came from a young neighbor who thought them too blowsy and ousted them in favor of the current trend toward native forbs and sedges. No judging here, blowsy, or prim and staid, all are welcome. 

If you are lucky enough to inherit peonies you are lucky enough, but if you must buy them, and want the heavenly scent they are known for, do your homework. Not all peonies are equally blessed in attributes such as scent, longevity of blossom, sturdiness of stem, and time of bloom.

If your requirements are few and this old standard variety appeals to you, we just might have a root or two to share. Perhaps we could discuss terms of peony adoption over a glass of wine. 

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wynne said...

I love these peonies and thank you for sharing them with me. They lasted a week and smelled wonderful too.