Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't Tell the Kids

And please don't nominate us for Hoarders. Yet.

Kitsch collector C. Dianne Zweig has some good advice for dealing with the parental home/trash pit sooner rather than later. It is a big job (which we fully intend to leave for our kids to do just as we have had to do it for our parents), but Ms. Zweig has some helpful tips for handling the situation before it becomes an overwhelming gigantic nightmare that you will probably have to travel across the country to deal with on a single weekend in a community that you never were, or are no longer, familiar with.

If you are in the situation of having to liquidate the family homestead now or in the future here are several helpful posts on the topic:

Cleaning Out Your Parents House: Letting Go Gently

How to Sell Your Parents' Stuff

How To Clean Out Your Parents House: Organizing The Basement

Getting Rid of Parents' Stuff: Start Early

You'll know when it is appropriate to pass this on to our younguns. Or perhaps you've known for awhile now.

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Barb said...

This is probably the most important post ever.