Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Or Just Cross Your Fingers

A little collection of tokens meant to bring good fortune to the wearer/bearer.

It is interesting to find the littlest bits and pieces of peoples' lives at estate sales. Little things that may have ridden around in pockets of everyday clothes or that filled the "junk drawer". More interesting to think about who valued these good luck charms and their expectations of them. Did they win at the race track, get that promotion, get the girl to say yes, or maybe find a fiver on the sidewalk?

Let us know if you need a loan from our collection next time the powerball hits a million. It just might help.

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Jerilynn said...

I love finding little trinkets in sewing boxes. I have a couple from older family members and invariably, they always include a little good luck charm. I guess they think that it a good place to store it. Lots of other treasures, too. So personal. I just can't bear to disperse - I want to keep the collection intact.