Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Not to Like About Lunch?

We really like this vintage cookbook with images reminiscent of our own early schooldays. Which, just for the record, did not start until 1965.


Farm-style beef stew, to be packed in wide mouth vacuum bottle, is main dish of this lunch which includes bread and butter sandwich, banana, package of cookies. Coated paper plate makes stew easy to manage.

Hot bouillon starts off a box lunch that includes an American cheese and bologna sandwich on French bread, a tomato and applesauce. Tomato may be eaten whole or sliced and put in sandwich.

Chicken and vegetable salad from a vacuum bottle is eaten with lettuce wrapped separately in plastic bag. Since milk is often available at school, a jam sandwich and an apple complete the lunch menu.

Two sandwiches, meat loaf on rye, and pimento cheese spread with olives are eaten with carrot sticks and celery. Grapes and chocolate milk, to which an egg may be added, (eww!) are dessert and beverage.

Would Jamie Oliver approve of these delicious '50s lunches?

Now that the snow is finally shrinking (but still far from gone) we can like these photos too. We had hats like that how about you?


Honeybee said...

OMG, I haven't seen one of those knitted (crocheted?) tie scarfs/hats in years! I don't know if it's a good memory or painful one (they did the trick, but weren't very stylish) as I know I wore one or two myself. Come raid my attic for the 70s version of the lunch boxes (sans food).

Barb said...

The lunches look yummy. Seems like a tasty menue for lunch.

Shaundra said...

Holy cow, did kids really eat that much food back then? I consider both of my girls to be big eaters but that seems like a lot for kids that would be the appropriate age for those lunch boxes! Two sandwiches! Sylvie only gets 12 minutes to down her lunch, there's no way she could polish that off. They all include a fresh fruit or veg, that's pretty good, and some semblance of representing 4 food groups.