Friday, March 18, 2011

Now This We Love



Who doesn't?


wynne said...

Be still my beating heart! Favorite things is right! Thank you for this delightfully cheerful image to start my day. I love love love buttons..... : D

Honeybee said...

Now THERE'S a picture to delight my heart! A garden of beautiful buttons!

Barb said...

A burst of spring.
Really pretty.

Jerilynn said...

Aaaah, spring! Big smile.

next door Laura said...

Glad you like it. We love also how bits of the dining room window panes and the tree branches outside are often reflected in our photo subjects when we use our favorite picture taking area on the built-in buffet. Oh heck, let's call it a credenza. It may not be accurate, but it's more fun to say. If you look closely you can even tell in which season the photo was taken. Little leaves. Green leaves. Orange leaves. No leaves.