Monday, March 7, 2011

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Walking through the hardware store recently we had the idea that maybe we could paint our way out of winter just as Harold drew himself an adventure and then out of danger. The strategy would be to surround ourselves with a latex antidote to our seemingly undiminishing backdrop of white.

Our current painting project possiblities are either a closet that hasn't been repainted since it became seafoam green in the 1950s, or a long and tall stairway redo. Not being fans of scaffolding the closet wins a boring beige brighten-up.

If we were more ambitious or less patient in the waiting-for-spring category we would be tempted to let Crayola and Dutch Boy color our world. Either Surf's Up or Parisian Dream would probably do the trick.

1 comment:

wynne said...

I'm going there after work to look at this colorfully engaging display. My spirit needs the lift before the next snowstorm hits!