Friday, March 4, 2011

Too Much Fun in Aisle 4

It is a well known fact that we love to inspect out-of-town grocery stores.

Discoveries like this are the reason why.

Perfect for people who are really, really, serious about not eating anything that has a face.

Speaking of faces... well look at you Rondeau's!


Barb said...

oddly entertaining.

are you on facebook now.

Mary wants to know. Not Barb.

Little Lulu said...

Corn in a hot tub. French beans doing an Apache dance...those beans hanging out below their clothing are a little off-putting, though, wouldn't you say?

next door Laura said...

Barb/Mary - NDL is not on facebook. It seems if Rondeau's is, we really may be the last on the planet not to be.

Little Lulu - We are more disturbed by the corn stomping itself (or its comarades) into creamed corn in a vat than by the dancing, dangling beans, but yes, that is provocative behavior even for a French bean.

How about those cute sweet peas trying frantically to stay on the fork?

Shaundra said...

I was going to say the same thing about the corn creaming it's brethren. I like the French beans in berets and scarves though and the peas are very cute.