Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ann's Garden

Ann shared her clever and cozy garden with all who came to stroll for a good cause. What a treat it was to have the opportunity to come inside her little yard. The bike parked by the front door is just the first of  many charming vignettes of garden design and quilt artistry that pop out at every turn of the garden path.

To Ann's delight the Angel's Trumpet opened right on cue to fascinate and amaze garden visitors.

This small water feature gave inspiration to all and especially to those who thought 
ponds were only  a large scale proposition.

Ann and Ridge plant an impressive veg garden on their small, somewhat shady lot. The tomatoes are grown in tubs to keep them out of the tainted soil around their beautiful, but toxic black walnut tree.

The sedum covered birdhouse was a big hit with the strollers. Ann made it herself.


This stunning plant was the most inquired about. It is called Persian Shield and it is a beauty. 
Look for it vying for ribbons at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair this week.

Thanks Ann and Ridge for generously sharing your special space and many talents with your community.

Good luck at the fair!


double E said...

Is this a Chippewa home/garden? Where? So creative and cute and functional!

next door Laura said...

Why yes it is. Right across the creek and up the East hill from NDL HQ. Shall we request a private tour when you and e are in town?

Incredibly creative, cute and functional indeed!