Thursday, July 19, 2012

Confiture Par Avion

Beautiful black raspberry jam from none other than Madelaine of Chez Madelaine 
as recently featured on her blog.

We could not resist nestling the jar into the other purple produce we were washing up for supper 
for the ultimate violaceous photo op.

Berry jam is indeed, as Madelaine calls it, "summer in a jar". 
You probably already know that we here at NDL HQ are in the habit of saving jams and jellies until the fruitful season is well past. We love being able to revisit the tastes and scents of warmer days when the wind is blowing outside and we need inspiration to remember that spring and summer will come again.

When eventually we do enjoy this special treat we will also savor memories of the fun time had by all
when the jam came to us by special air delivery.

Jam, and George and Madelaine over the Mississippi at Lacrosse, WI.

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Blue said...

Oh. Looks delicious.