Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life with Live Bait

Here's a sight we never thought we'd miss.

Crawlers in the frig right next to the cottage cheese and leftover spaghetti used to make us squeamish.

We still set the box off by itself on a door shelf when possible. 

And we usually leave it to someone else to lift the lid to see if  its shiny occupants 
are indeed still shiny and happy and healthily wriggling away.

But in the delight of the moment when we saw evidence of fishing right alongside the hummus, 
we took a peek, and sure enough the same old sensations of disgust and wonder with a hint of danger came back all at once and then quickly faded into a sense of contentment at what the presence of worms on the top shelf means in this family's life.

If there are worms back in the house then the fishermen are back too. 

Gone fishing. Of course.

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