Thursday, July 26, 2012

Delta at Dawn

That's about when you have to get to the Delta Diner to nab one of their coveted booths. 
But be assured, if you do have to wait, it will be well worth it. 

Once you are seated indoors you will get a personal, detailed description of the day's menu items.

After ordering you will find:

The cooks are speedy.

The decor tells part of the story.

The people watching is great.

Even being watched can be entertaining.

And the food?

How 'bout this P*BLT?

 Clean as a whistle counter and grill.

Inspirational posters.

Real dairy products, and sweet and salty stuff.

Appropriate priorities.

Shiny surfaces.



Mex Benny. Eggs on cornbread with chorizo gravy.

Carefully researched data.

Swell uniforms.

A very large, no-cheaters-required menu.

Reasonable prices for high quality food.

Brussels sprout and bacon omelette.

This is true.

Well, at least it's a very scenic middle-of-nowhere.

With a wonderful atmosphere.

And very friendly staff.

Sweet-as-pie waitresses.


Dedicated owners.

A fascinating history.

Shopping opportunities.

Baked goods.

Tasteful souvenirs.

Streamlined authentic design.

Overflow room and flowing syrup.


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